About Menla technologies, llc.

*US Market: General Wellness Devices

Menla Technologies,  authorized US distributor

Menla Technologies is located in Independence, MO and specializes in distribution of non-invasive medical and therapeutic scanning and imaging systems based on emerging technologies found world-wide. Menla Technologies, owned and operated by Susan Rustici since 2007, along with a team of collaborators worldwide, is proud to represent Master Media Company, creators of the Multiscan suite of medical analysis and measurement systems.  

Our devices are used for the purposes of prevention, assessment of health, and monitoring of treatment in the medical and therapeutic sector. Our commitment is to provide immediate information thus creating greater collaboration between the doctor and patient, resulting in improved health outcomes and doctor satisfaction.

Menla Technologies
Independence, Missouri
United States
office:   +1 816.350.3219
mobile: +1 816.547.4206