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More Testimonials from happy customers

I've been using this technology for the past 10 years (including earlier iterations) now and what an amazing technology! To be able to determine full body function within a very short period of time is wonderfully helpful.  

I use this scan as my initial evaluation, and follow-ups in 6 week increments. This scan keeps patients on track, and they love to see their progress along the way, as well as the 
effectiveness of your strategy for them.” 
Dr. James Augustine,

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"It was so accurate in pinpointing problem areas for my clients...and now they have a way to monitor the changes and see improvements...a wonderful motivator!"

Diane Doran

Check-out our interview with Dr. James Augustine on using the Multiscan Pro Wellness Device in his practice.

For full video including what is working with his patients and three case studies, contact: Susan Rustici, Menla Technologies info@MenlaTech.com 816-588-9618 .

"I purchased my system from Susan Rustici and Menla Technologies over eight years ago and 
consistently have had excellent customer service and support from Susan and her team. Susan 
has shown a deep level of commitment to me and my practice. To this day, I can always reach 
Susan for any questions or challenges that I may have. I couldn't be happier with this technology
or my service. I highly recommend working with Susan Rustici and Menla Technologies!" 
Dr. Jerry Felts Marion, Illinois

“This technology has significantly enhanced my diagnosing strategies. In the first few weeks of 
using it, I was able to see imbalances that previous lab testing failed to appreciate. The ease of 
use combined with the presentation of results have made it a powerful tool with regards to 
patient education, which has subsequently increased compliance and therefore...results! Thank 
you for supplying this wonderful technology and please keep me posted with future updates.”
Dr. Stephen Spates T. S., DC, CCN, Dipl.Ac, MS, DANLA ,ABAAHP,ND

"I use this scan every day on every patient in my medical practice and have for years!"

Dr. JK, MD

A sneak peek at a case review with a Multiscan Pro practitioner and client. Full video available upon request at info@menlatech.com. 

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"I am in love with this system."




“We have been using this technology for several years now and love it. It has helped us better 
understand the patients healing process while also providing us with the information needed to 
better map out when the patients have fully recovered. A great tool!”
Dr. Joey Miles, Hickory, NC